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About us

My name is BASHIR AHMAD and I am the general manager of this investment location. Our company SONY Net Business consists of professional team of traders - we mainly work in the forex and stock markets. Our financial success is closely related to unique and profitable trading strategy.
SONY Net Business,Limited is here to provide you the access to world's investment opportunities, without the hassle and in the most modern way. We focus on different investment markets and use multiple business instruments to achieve the most from our online and offline assets. We have a group of professional traders, skilled analysts and experienced bankers with more than
 13 years  practical experience and success in markets such as international currency trading (Forex), stocks, bonds, commodities and more. We aim to offer an unbeatable and non-risk investment environment.

Who We Are ??
We are the professional traders’ team working in the sphere of Forex marketing. We are proud of successful achievements of our professional activity and by opening this site we are ready to give everyone the opportunity to earn great amounts of money using this market and our traders’ professional skills.
Many years of experience of prosperous investment projects allow us to make successful deals, precisely forecast and take advantages of any fluctuations in foreign exchange market, which helps us to score success and achieve new horizons.

More than 13 years we provide the account’s trust managing service for all comers and each new customer is happy to cooperate with us, as he has had an opportunity to experience success and profitability of this business. The experience and professionalism of the person dealing with rather large sums of money plays an important role. We provide both first and second ones, because each of us has a very great and long-term experience of becoming successful trade.

With the development of information technologies and growing popularization of Forex market there are evidently new job opportunities, people create and work out supercomplex programs which allow to analyze the market and estimate risks’ level and even make the trading automatic.

But all these features just can’t bring considerable income if they are managed by a person who does not understand the whole essence of financial process taking place at Forex Market. The investment projects offered by our company have very high level of profitability as during our job we rely not only on experience and professionalism, but also efficiently use the most up-to-date methods of trading including automated trading system, dealing with several diverse but at the same time profitable trading strategies, working with absolutely reliable brokers possessing the best condition for trading and providing the safety of our clients’ funds. Also we use fundamental and technical market analysis, which help us to obtain high level of the investment projects’ profitability.

Hence, you can see that while closing the deal we are guided not only by internal factors, but by external as well. We take into account the general condition of country’s economy, the political situation and on the basis of that we can draw a conclusion concerning further price movement.

Simultaneously we take account of price movement charts of previous years, properly analyze them using different indicators. All this in total lets our customers’ get good profit on their funds, managed by our account managers.

We are trying to pay great attention to the minimization of risks, which gives confidence to our customers and raises our reputation. We are aimed at obtaining the permanent positive result, which helps to get the constant profit almost without loss of funds. You have an opportunity to make sure of our specialists’ trade profitability and high level of our investment projects’ income, which is possible due to ceaseless modernization and improvement of methods and strategies of business.