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Forex Remote Copier,Forex Signal Services by Software

 Automatically copy trades in real-time! 

 >>>>> Introduction <<<<< 
The program allows sending trading signals from your MetaTrader account to many MetaTrader accounts which are running all over the world. 
1- Copier supports all MT4 Platforms Provided by any Broker.
2- ECN support.
3- 4digits/5digits support.
4- Demo accounts/live accounts support.
Broker : Support all Mt4 Brokers. 
Spreads : Fixed 1-3 pips,Variable 0.5-3.0, 4-digits and 5-digits.
Recommended currency Pairs : All
Leverage :
1:500 or higher.
Account type :
Cent,Micro,Mini Ecn ,Stp or Standard.Accept all type Account.
Start Now FX Blue Internet Trade Mirror 
Receiving trades through the Trade Mirror
  1. You need an account with FX Blue Live
  2. You need to download and install the Receiver EA
  3. You need to enter your FX Blue username and password as parameters for the receiver EA, and you also need to fill in the username of the sender (as the "Channel" parameter).
  4. Our User ID at fxblue.com "Channel" SONY_FOREX
  5. Send me Your "Username" id at Fxblue.com uses.
Once the receiver EA is installed and configured, it will start to receive "heartbeat" messages from the sender and to copy new trades.
For information about configuring risk settings etc, please see the PDF documentation which is supplied with the receiver EA.
For any further help, please contact the FX Blue user who is sending the signals. 

More information about the Trade Mirror.
The speed of trade copying depends almost entirely on the latency to FX Blue's servers and the latency to the broker. In other words, it depends on your geographical location and the speed of light.
By default, the lot sizing in receiver accounts is adjusted based on their equity relative to the sender's. For example, if the sender has a $4000 account and the receiver has a $2000 account, then the receiver will trade half the lot size of the sender. However, the receiver can alter the lot sizing to increase or decrease risk, and can also override the stop-loss on trades.
The Internet Trade Mirror automatically adjusts between 2DP/4DP and 3DP/5DP brokers, and between different symbol names such as EURUSD and EURUSDcx. The receiver can also control how much slippage is acceptable relative to the sender's entry price.
For more information about configuring the sender and receiver EAs, please see the PDF documentation which is supplied with the EAs. 

 >>>>> Download Receiver EA <<<<< 

>>> Help Download <<<

Signals Processor "EA" All Variable Setting,Your Personal Management.

Error Code.Details
 Client Requirement. 
  1. Trading terminal: MetaTrader 4
  2. Minimum Deposit = 100$ OR More.....
  3. Use Must High Speed Internet and Your PC OR VPS.
  4.  Must Open (24/7) your Mt4 Terminal at your PC or VPS.
  5. Recommended VPS European Countries.
 Recommended VPS
  • "UK" OR "New Yark" (For Best Auto Copy)
Get "VPS" Click Here

  Auto Lot Size Setting. 
AT Micro Lot Brokers Five-Digit Trade Servers.

 For Receiver EA More Parameter Setting. 

Note : Other All setting By Default.
 Suggestion"Minimum"Account Balance. 
Minimum Deposit Required in
"Cent/Micro Account" : 100$ to 999$ 

Minimum Deposit Required in "Standard Account" : 1000$ or Up to no Limit
2000$  Balance = Good(My Suggestion in Standard Account)
00$  Balance = Better

6000$  Balance = Best
10000$  Balance = Super
Recommended Brokers.(Only MT4)
Below you will find our preferred Brokers, minimum Deposits, Account Type and other relevant information if you want to use our MAM Services.
 "Suggestion"Best Forex Broker. 

Click on the Broker name For open New Account.









Fx Choice


Classic MT4




MT4 Pro-Standard









  1. Please Click on Broker Name for Open Account.
  2. Set Leverage : 1:500 
  3. Swap : Switched off 
  4. USA Clint "Open Account"Classic MT4" @ FxChoice

Better Utilize , Recommended Broker.
To better utilize our Autocopy, we recommend to open an account at EXNESS at Mini Account, Minimum Deposit 1000$ or more
To keep the minimum slippage and thus the Autocopy are more accurate.Click here to open an account (Mini Account)

(Mini Account)

Our Subscriber worldwide.Total,329 Subscriber
 Our Working Method: 
Working Strategies : Oscillators Trend Following
Working Style : Auto Trading " it is safe Trading System.
Trading Start Time : 24/5
  1. Full Money Management Risk & Reward.
  2. Accepted all any Broker 4/5 digit quotes,any Account type,Any Spread type.
  3. Expected yield " 5 to 30% Per Month.
  4. Working drawdown of : 1-10%
  5. Maximum drawdown :5% to 30%
  6. Max deposit Risk : 15% to 25%
  7. Minimum Deposit Required in "Cent/Micro Account" : 100$ to 1000$
    Minimum Deposit Required in "Standard Account" : 2000$ or Up to no Limit
  8. I suggest targeting $2000 USD and above.
  9. We maintain a balance of around 5000/USD in this account. At every profit we make a withdrawal Each Month.

3 Currency Pair : EURUSD / EURGBP / USDJPY
Please Note That : (Our working, Very Low Risk).We are Not Responsible for any LOSS,
But you can Monitor our Daily Account Trading Performance Available at our Website
  Monthly Earning Target.
5 to 30% Normal =  Per Month - Expected yield
20% to 50% Medium = Per Month
55% to 100% High = Per Month

 <><><><> DRAW-DOWN <><><><> 
Maximum draw-down is usually less than 30%.
Our working,Very Low Risk.Min 10% to Max 30%
  Real Performance.  
Third Party Verified Real Account.
 2000/USD Real Verified Master Account. (Live Statement) 
Click on the chart see Live Trade Result.Update Every 5 Mints

 Accept Copy Real or Demo Account Enjoy... 
Refund policy.
  • 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days.
  • The refund policy applies only when you contact us directly through Support
  • SONY FOREX AUTO COPY reserves the right to refuse a refund if there's reasonable suspicion of  fraud, or if the service has already been mostly used up.
  • Money-back guarantee for this Payment Option Only"Skrill MoneyBooker"and"PerfectMoney"
  • Please send us Reason for Money Back through Support

 1-Month Fee: >> 30.00$ << 
 2-Month Fee: >> 50.00$ << 
 3-Month Fee: >> 70.00$ << 

 >> Request for Free Trial 30 day. << 


We Accept Payment Methods Details.

1-Skrill Moneybookers Click for New Account.
2-Perfect Money Click for New Account.
3- Bank Transfer Click for Find Location.
4- Western Union Click for Find Location.

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Enjoy your Unlimited Earning and Great Profits
with the our Auto Copy Services.

 Help: 24/7 Customer Support.Live Chat at Our Blog,Any Problem or Setting Resolve Just 5 mint by Teamviewer.

Risk Warning:
Forex and CFD trading carry a high degree of risk. As such they may not be suitable for all investors. Investors should ensure they fully understand the risks associated with CFD trading before deciding to trade. Investors may choose to seek independent advice and should not risk more than they are prepared to lose.