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Privacy Policy

The founder of the company,"SONY Net Business", has been developing the profitable online business side of the company since 2002. This field of work does not require having office space, warehouses or a lot of staff. Together with a group of enthusiasts he organized a company that works with trust management in the sphere of finances and market economy. Large investor funds are used to open accounts with well-known European Forex brokers, and are trade deposits. Cole’s team is continuously following all online business trends, timely reacting to all changes and using all of the opportunities that are provided in cyber businesses. As of today "SONY Net Business" and his company "SONY Net Business" Limited that is made up of professional financial managers has learned and is developing in parallel three branches of trade activity: stock and crypto-currency trading, as well as using multi-currency Forex market.

"SONY Net Business" Limited is a colorful sample of a modern flexible company that can addapt to continuous changes in global economy, follows all tendencies and can provide powerful competition to the rest of market participants where it functions. Many years of experience of trust management and our own strategy of development make investments with "SONY Net Business" Limited safe and profitable. Thousands of clients all over the world can attest that. In 2015 the company made a decision to open the headquarters in Great Britain. We have registered "SONY Net Business" company and made it officially legal. Today this added trust and loyalty to our clients. "SONY Net Business" Limited offers unique conditions of investing for anyone interested; the company is open for cooperation, and is ready to prove that its strategy of making money is correct.