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How to Login MT4

How to Login Metatrader 4

1-Download and install an MT4 Platform if you don’t have one yet.Download Now Click Here
2-You can choose any broker, eg. Exness, XM , RoboForex , fxchoice ,etc.
3-It doesn’t have to be the same broker as on our website since all MT4 Platforms are the same.
4-Click “File” -> “Login to Trade Account”See the screenshot below:

5-The login window will appear and you can see three fields that you have to fill in:
6-Login, Password and Server.
Copy the account number, password and IP Address from our website,
and paste them in the Login window as in the screenshot below:

For Example :
Login: 7840664
Password: exex161818

1-In the Server field you can write the IP address of the broker like in the example above and this is the best and easiest way to see the account since we give you the IP address on our website.
2-However, many traders try to choose a server name from their menu in their MT4 platform, eg. "Exness" but usually they don’t have it in their platform since they downloaded the MT4 Platform from eg. "Exness" and they have only "Exness" server files for Demo and Real accounts, but no other brokers.
3-There is also no need to download the "Exness" platform from that broker’s  website.
4-This IP address is the same as the SERVER Name, so just copy and paste it.
5-f you still have any problems let us know.